EIT Urban Mobility - Call for Proposals: Citizen Engagement

EIT Urban Mobility has launched the first call for proposals for its Business Plan 2022-2024 on Academy.

Application deadline: 18 May 2021

Urban Mobility has gone through unexpected and momentous changes in 2020. COVID-19 ripped through our nations and cities bringing individual, community and societal upheaval and turmoil. Density and proximity, the very two things that make our cities the economic, cultural, intellectual, political, and innovative beating hearts of our society, were also the weakest points when faced with a new and deadly threat.

Wise medical advice led to lockdowns that inevitably saved millions of lives while freezing personal mobility. Who we are today, how we relate to each other, and how we perceive and move around our cities has changed. EIT Urban Mobility was privileged to play a small role in EU’s collective efforts to tackle the COVID-19 crisis, through the EIT Crisis Response Initiative launched by EIT. Inclusive logistics projects protecting the elderly and vulnerable were rolled out in Budapest touching thousands. New ruggedised rickshaws were designed for handicapped and reduced mobility passenger in the hilly cities of Bergamo and Bilbao. As road space was taken back for public space, citizens in five cities were able to design and manufacture their street furniture for their own public spaces.  New nanotech sprays covered the surfaces our buses and metros, to ensure we got home safely.  

In 2021, the EIT Community decided to launch a call for the Business Creation Programme 2022 focused on the City Challenge Areas. This year, EIT Urban Mobility will focus on five simple areas: Active Mobility, Sustainable Logistics, Energy and Mobility, Future Mobility and Creating Public Realm. 

Main features of the call

Citizen engagement projects, focusing on: 

  • Testing or implementing innovative methodologies, tools, business models or processes through which citizens are involved or empowered in co-defining the mobility challenges and in co-creation processes
  • Events to be implemented in at least two cities from different Innovation Hubs, targeting or involving citizens aiming to create awareness about the role citizens and end-users can play in improving mobility for more liveable urban spaces

Download the detailed call for proposals


  • Call opening: 19 March 2021 
  • Call closing: 18 May 2021 
  • Eligibility and admissibility check: end of May 2021 
  • Evaluation of proposals: June 2021 
  • Communication of results: beginning of July 2021 

Please, visit the EIT Urban Mobility website for more information