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InfraBooster Foundation: EIT Food's online research training open for applications

The Initial level of InfraBooster educational modules serves as the foundation for more advanced training. It ensures that participants adopt standard vocabulary and gain understanding of the innovative contexts, in which research infrastructures could be leveraged for science-industry collaboration.

It also helps participants identify the most viable research infrastructures, enabling beneficiary organisations to encourage multiple research teams to apply once the basic understanding has been gained.

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Eligible applicants

Eligible applicants need to meet the following criteria:

  1. Reside and work in one of the regions covered by EIT Regional Innovation Scheme or Western Balkans countries;
  2. Be employed at higher education institutes or public research institutes which own research infrastructures relevant to agri-food sector;
  3. Priority will be given to: scientists, technicians, and experts working at technology transfer centres, research centres and support offices.

Course outline

EIT Food InfraBooster Foundation helps representatives of scientific organisations identify, specify, promote and manage research infrastructures used for science-industry collaboration. The course is delivered as synchronous online training, involving presentations, discussions, case studies, individual and team assignments.

  1. Introduction to EIT Food InfraBooster certification pathways: knowledge, skills and competences; benefits for participants and their organisations.
  2. Leveraging research infrastructures (RIs) for knowledge transfer: third mission of universities and public research institutes (going beyond teaching and research, societal contributions, knowledge transfer scenarios); making money from research at scientific organisations: technology transfer, spin-offs, contract R&D, analytical services and education and the opportunities for making money from commercial access to RIs; RIs of scientific organisations that open up opportunities for industrial collaboration and revenue generation: benefits, limitations and risks.
  3. How to select research infrastructures (RIs) for knowledge transfer: identifiable, relevant and competitive RIs; looking for RIs differentiators; RIs as the basis for commercial strategy.
  4. Case study - knowledge transfer opportunities, decision making and selection criteria: discussion of research focus areas a fictional university faculty (FADES), types of R&D activities and opportunities for industrial collaboration; research infrastructures - sources of uniqueness, target customers/industries that benefit from the RI, ways of making money from the RI, existing versus planned RIs.

Modules available upon completing initial level

EIT Food InfraBooster Foundation's initial level of the training programme will be followed by modules dedicated for:

  • scientists,
  • marketing,
  • business development,
  • technology transfer experts,
  • infrastructure managers.