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Join EIT Health's Mentoring and Coaching Network

The Mentoring and Coaching Network (MCN) leverages the EIT Health partnership’s variety and depth of competence, creating dynamic processes to support innovative healthcare projects.

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The Mentoring and Coaching Network (MCN) provides subject-matter experts who can assist start-ups and SMEs that are being supported through other EIT Health projects. The goal is to accelerate innovation and European collaboration, and to generate new opportunities for EIT Health Partners.

Who can apply?

The programme is aimed at EIT Health-supported businesses of all maturity levels, ranging from early-stage start-ups developing their product to more mature scale-ups that have a developed product and are in the phase of expanding to new markets.

The journey

EIT Health has integrated the broad range of expertise available in its network into one robust, curated platform of quality mentors, with relevant track records, from around the EU. Start-ups and SMEs that are given access to the programme are matched with an appropriate mentor, who will work as a coach or subject-matter expert, offering the specific know-how that individual mentees require.

How to apply?

Entrepreneurs already supported by EIT Health may register on an ongoing basis here and begin the matching process to find an expert.

EIT Health is also looking for experienced leaders in the healthcare industry or mentors with in-depth knowledge of the healthcare innovation pathway. If you are interested in making an impact on the start-ups’ journey, please apply here.

Start-ups seeking more assistance in accessing the Mentoring and Coaching Network should speak to the Business Creation Manager in your EIT Health regional office or the Programme Manager Mohammed Rahmouni.

Want to know more?

For more information, please visit the dedicated page or contact EIT Health's Accelerator Programme Manager Mohammed Rahmouni.