EIT Community stories from the first week of February 2019

EIT Community stories week 1 February 2019

On Monday, the EIT Alumni Community published its first Impact Report. Highlights? Read for yourself here.

Also on Monday, EIT Food opened applications for their Entrepreneurial Summer School. The 15-day programme promises to be worthwhile.

On Tuesday, we reported that lighting company, Tungsram, had joined EIT Digital, we added another job to the current vacancies, and EIT Interim Director, Martin Kern, rang the bell at the Nordic Nasdaq.

EIT RawMaterials featured on Wednesday with their Lighthouse innovation programmes, and on Thursday, we focused on EIT InnoEnergy supported Peafowl Solar Power, who are testing high-transparency solar cells.

And today, we looked at SeraNovo, who have been awarded an EIT Health Headstart grant to improve drug solubility.

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