EIT Health: DX-Labtrack gets EUR 2 million

EIT Health Wild Card Winner

The team is the first winner of the EIT Health Wild Card competition

The first team announced as a winner of the EIT Health Wild Card competition is DX-Labtrack GmbH, which provides real-time sample monitoring, to ensure the quality of blood samples is maintained, from the doctor’s office to the lab. The team’s choice was announced on 9 November 2018 by EIT Health CEO, Jan-Philipp Beck.

EIT HealthFollowing months of training and competition, DX-Labtrack was chosen to receive EUR 2 million in support to create a start-up. They will be hosted by the Technical University of Munich, Germany, which competed to serve as DX-Labtrack’s incubator.

One more Wild Card winner is expected to be announced soon, and to be granted similar support. 

The announcenment of DX-Labtrack as the first winner of EIT Health’s new Wild Card programme was the culmination of a year of preparation, which included setting challenges for teams to pursue, picking teams, training, mentoring and a competition involving medical professionals, entrepreneurs, technologists and data experts. Out of 70 qualified applicants, 30 of the best were invited to create teams tasked with proposing workable, transformative concepts to address pressing healthcare challenges identified by the EIT Health community.


'Being part of EIT Wild Card is an exceptional challenge and a gigantic step forward for us personally and for the project. Through the solution for surveillance of blood samples, DX-Labtrack will make it possible to change medical diagnostics from a trust-based to an evidence-based system. Medical doctors and patients will be sure that the analytical results are actually correct' Dr. Hans Maria Heyn, a co-founder of DX-Labtrack, said.

Jan-Philipp Beck added: 'We are proud to wrap up a successful first year of the Wild Card programme. We are looking forward to seeing the winning teams thriving and turning their innovative ideas into reality. We are pleased to support these exciting projects.'

About DX-Labtrack GmbH

DX-Labtrack provides a real-time monitoring solution to ensure the quality of blood samples, from the time they are taken from the patient to the point where they reach the lab. The solution’s cutting-edge technology enables digital monitoring and quality assurance. It connects and aggregates all relevant data on the quality of human samples and produces an individual human sample fingerprint. The result is the kind of biologically reliable lab tests that make personalised medicine possible.

Incubator: DX-Labtrack established cooperation with the Technical University of Munich, an EIT Health Core Partner in Munich, Germany.

Team: Dr. Julia Flottoto, Dr. Yannick Timo Boge, Dr. Malte Dancker, Dr. Hans Maria Heyn

Website: https://dx-labtrack.com/

About the Wild Card programme

The Wild Card programme is a new initiative pioneered by EIT Health to identify and support innovative and high-risk ideas with the potential to transform European healthcare. The Wild Card competition attracted top European talent from a variety of disciplines and brought them together in teams to address one of two key challenges: 1) making smart use of the potential of data, and 2) battling antimicrobial resistance. These challenges were established through an open dialogue involving EIT Health Partners, who include Europe’s leading healthcare stakeholders in industry, research and academia. The competing teams, comprised of 30 shortlisted candidates, took part in the Wild Card: AT THE EDGE, a week-long intensive training in Galway, Ireland in April. The four teams with the most promising ideas received nine weeks of training with the support of CIMIT mentors to accelerate their concepts from ideas to workable business plans ready for funding.