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FoodUnfolded® launches German platform to help audiences to understand the food sector

FoodUnfolded® launches German platform to help audiences to understand the food sector

The European public information platform FoodUnfolded, supported by EIT Food, has launched Foodunfolded®.de, to produce German language content on understanding the complexities of the food sector.

Foodunfolded®.de has been launched to produce content including local news articles, videos, podcasts, infographics, and personal stories from all areas of food production - all with a focus on sustainability and health. The platform is supported by EIT Food, the world's largest food innovation ecosystem, supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT).

FoodUnfolded® offers a diverse information platform that people can read, watch, and listen to, taking the user on a journey through our food system. The journey begins with the question of where our food comes from and how it is produced, and it continues through the chemistry of food and food production, and how it can affect our bodies. FoodUnfolded® sheds light on the consequences that food production has on people and the environment, as well as providing information on the innovations and alternatives that can help us reduce negative impacts.

With scientific evidence clearly documented in each article, FoodUnfolded® serves as a help and inspiration for pupils and students, as well as providing a trusted and informative source on nutrition trends for general audiences.

FoodUnfolded® at Munich Airport

The launch of is supported by an exhibition at Munich Airport, provoking travellers to think about food on the airport's largest illuminated billboards. The aim is to encourage people to think about the journey our food takes, where it comes from, and to raise awareness about the ecological footprint of everyone’s consumption habits. The exhibition of EIT Food and Foodunfolded® in the public area of Terminal 2 of Munich Airport will start on 1 June (in Level 03).

FoodUnfolded® brings editorial independence

Supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), FoodUnfolded® is committed to telling stories in a neutral way, ensuring an agenda-free, well-balanced approach. FoodUnfolded® only provides information on existing research, alternatives and solutions that show promise for success. With this added value of information, the platform supports its readers in questioning their own and general eating habits even more consciously.

We often see the food on our plate without knowing its history - where and how it was produced and what impact the production has on people, society, and the environment. That's why FoodUnfolded® was developed - to reconnect people with the origins and future of our food.

Jane Alice Liu, editor-in-chief of FoodUnfolded®

To create a future-fit food system, we must put consumers at the centre of the development, production, distribution and promotion of food. FoodUnfolded® connects directly with consumers to increase transparency, thereby empowering healthy and sustainable food choices.

Saskia Nuijten, Director of Communication and Public Engagement at EIT Food

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