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World Health Day: How the EIT is making healthcare better for everyone

For 15 years, the EIT Community has been jump starting innovative healthcare and doing everything in its power to make those innovations available for those who need it. And we're continuing to do what we can to bring great ideas to life to address issues from cancer care to care for the elderly.

World Health Day is about celebrating the successes in healthcare of the past and motivating action to tackle the healthcare challenges of today. The new CEO of EIT Health, Jean-Marc Bourez, sees two opportunities Europe should act on to make healthcare more accessible and of more consistent quality for patients: embracing healthcare data sharing and harmonising a European path to reimbursement for digital medical devices (DMDs). To accomplish these goals, EIT Health has undertaken to:

  • Join forces with the European Commission’s DG Sante to support the implementation of the European Health Data Space (EHDS), the European Union’s framework for the sharing of health data.
  • Assemble and coordinate a pan-European taskforce to draft common rules and guidelines to develop clinical protocol design to ease the burden of clinical trials for DMD start-ups navigating the European market.

The future for a resilient, sustainable, digitalised, data driven provision of healthcare can be more fully realised if we choose to break down the boundaries between sectors, actors and states to equip ourselves with the needed tools that will encourage life-changing innovation.

As a neutral, pan-European body straddling the worlds of business, policy, technology, science and healthcare, EIT Health has the privileged position of inspiring an ecosystem of partners of excellence across Europe to prepare us to rise to the opportunities today to meet the health challenges of tomorrow.

Jean-March Bourez, CEO of EIT Health

A taste of how the EIT Community is making healthcare better and more accessible

Just last month for World Cancer Day, EIT Health invested EUR 6 M to cultivate new and more imaginative ways to deliver cancer care. One of the beneficiaries is gynaecological cancer diagnostics start-up, MiMARK. MiMARK is revolutionising gynaecological cancer care by improving the accuracy, efficiency, and comfort of endometrial cancer diagnosis. By removing the need for invasive hysteroscopies, MiMARK is reimagining gynaecological diagnostics – and women’s healthcare – as we know it.

EIT Health’s support for start-ups offering progressive models of healthcare delivery such as ours, is critical in re-imagining our healthcare system and building a model rooted in efficient and accurate diagnosis. We are fortunate to have had EIT Health’s expertise across technology, business development, and management as it has allowed us to grow and accelerate. EIT Health’s continued partnership and support is critical to our success and our ability to impact patient lives positively.

Eva Colás Ortega, Co-founder of MiMARK

Back in December, EIT Health supported the entry of Romanian start-up Kineto Tech Rehab's re.flex digital assistant into the German market. The re.flex device serves as a digital assistant for musculoskeletal physical therapy and facilitates effective long-lasting knee, hip, and lower back pain treatment without need for a physiotherapist.  It is one of the first non-Germany digital devices to qualify for reimbursement under the German health insurance system.

The support of EIT Health was crucial. We wouldn’t be here today if not for the professional help of the EIT Community.

 Kineto Tech Rehab’s Founder and CEO, Camil Moldovenau 

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