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Diabeloop - D4Kids


Diabeloop - D4Kids provides artificial intelligence to improve type 1 diabetes management for children.

Diabeloop - D4Kids, 2019 EIT Innovators Award winner, has developed an automated type 1 diabetes management system specifically for children, taking into account their particular physiology and the fact that they rely completely on adult caregivers. The personalised solution acts as a sort of artificial pancreas, enabling the whole family to live their lives to the fullest while keeping the disease under control.

Partners are essential as nobody has the skills to face all the challenges of building innovative products and entering the market on their own.

Marc Julien, Co-CEO, Diabeloop SA

People with type 1 diabetes have to take dozens of therapeutic decisions each day to avoid major health issues. Diabeloop wants to help them achieve better glycemic control and relieve them as much as possible of the burden of the disease.

Diabeloop - D4Kids will be unique and the most effective closed-loop system automating glycemia management approved for children.

Societal impact

The impact is threefold: first, our solution helps patients better manage their disease and life. Second, healthcare costs related to the hospitalisation of children with type 1 diabetes will decrease. Finally, we create highly qualified jobs in the process.

EIT Community support

The EIT Community has helped Diabeloop - D4Kids foster cross-border cooperation and facilitated the open innovation process in a major way.

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