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Melissa Capcha and Vanessa Bolivar's Alumni Stories: The friends made along the way


COP26, Glasgow, 2021. Melissa Capcha and Vanessa Bolivar were promoting EIT Climate-KIC Alumni live on social media, answering questions and summarising the conference events for their audience. 

Their unique paths to COP26 are emblematic of the ways the EIT can take you to places you wouldn't imagine.

Vanessa’s path was through EIT Climate-KIC’s entrepreneurial education programmes: the Climate Summer School, Greenhouse, and Pioneers. Through these programmes Vanessa was able to test and build up her start-up ideas, giving her hands-on training in systemic thinking and a new network of climate innovators.

The Journey was – for me – an exciting experience in a highly stimulating environment for the formulation of innovative climate and circular ideas. I will recommend all the programmes offered by EIT!

Vanessa Bolivar

Melissa’s path was through a series of projects. After building new friendships and a professional network through the Journey programme, she started advocating for sustainable cities with an idea called UrbanClick. With EIT Climate-KIC support through their PGMproject format, she was able to create an exhibition on sustainable construction materials for cities.

The big network one creates is amazing, from peers to coaches and programme coordinators…all just inspiring!

Melissa Capcha

That brings us back to COP26. Through the PGM, EIT Climate-KIC supported Melissa and Vanessa with the financial and institutional support they needed to conduct their hybrid project proposal: “Climate-KIC alumni at COP26”. It even gave them use of its Alumni Community digital platforms to boost the reach and influence of their live transmissions.

More than anything else, Melissa and Vanessa value the way EIT Alumni brought them in contact with new friends and with each other. With EIT Climate-KIC’s support, they were able to team up to bring the EIT vision right at the doorstep of international climate diplomacy. So much more is possible!

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