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What are the EIT Alumni Activities?

Through cross-community events, career development opportunities, and the chance to represent the EIT Community with high-level stakeholders, the EIT Alumni members build and sustain an engaged and active community that offers unique opportunities for its members. 

Through more focus on cross-community activities and on leveraging synergies, as well as the strengthening of the value provided to its members, across the different EIT KIC Alumni Communities, the sense of belonging to a wider EIT Alumni family and Community is reinforced. 

One of the main strengths of the community is its network and the many opportunities it brings to its members. These opportunities range from skills and/or co-founder opportunities including investments, connections to a global network, being part of a like-minded community, information and knowledge sharing, and social activities.  

The EIT Alumni offers flagship activities such as the EIT Alumni CONNECT events, Challenges and Startup Days.


EIT Alumni CONNECT event is the annual meetup of the wider community. Over 150 Alumni from each of the EIT’s Innovation Communities come together. EIT CONNECT is the flagship event of all communities that constitute EIT Alumni. It is the only major event that brings together alumni and representatives from all the EIT KICs, fostering collaboration, synergies, and joint ventures, and strengthening the wider EIT Ecosystem. Alumni come together to connect, build partnerships, co-create projects and work together to build the future of the EIT Alumni Community.

EIT Alumni Challenges and Hackathons

EIT Alumni Hackathons bring together graduates, young professionals, entrepreneurs, and start-up enthusiasts from different sectors to explore and articulate systemic challenges faced by European society and industry. The main outcome of the activity is to find new solutions for socio-environmental challenges as proposed by the challenge sources (EIT Climate-KIC for 1st Hackathon and EIT Health for 2nd Hackathon). During the hackathons, participating teams come up with solutions with high execution potential to have a transformative impact in Europe. EIT Alumni Hackathon is an open innovation in a challenge (hackathon) format, responding to a call for solutions and leverages the eco-systems of the KIC(s). It focuses on solutions for hard-to-crack tech problems, building ecosystems and mobilising experts and talent.

EIT Alumni Startup Days

EIT Alumni Startup Days are held multiple times a year in major cities across Europe. These are a challenge solving, hackathon-style event, where alumni from all disciplines and backgrounds co-create together to solve societal challenges in partnership with key names in European Industry. 

Local EIT Alumni Events


To increase local engagement activities for the EIT Community, a series of local events are organised together with members of at least two KIC Alumni Communities to network, share expertise, connect, and collaborate. The goal of the local events is to activate and bring together the various Alumni communities of the EIT, reinforcing the connection of members to the wider EIT Alumni network, and improving their understanding of what is the EIT Alumni Community.  These events aim to harness the power of the community to provide members with the chance to interact and collaborate outside their usual domains. This will bring value to the Alumni in terms of networking and professional development, and to the EIT and the KICs as it gives greater access to a great pool of professionals who can be encouraged to continue their EIT Journey by participating in numerous more activities and projects.