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National Authorities

Linking our innovators and entrepreneurs to Member State needs

We work closely with EU Member States, regional, and local authorities to:

  • Generate new sustainable products and services
  • Propel new, competitive ventures into the world
  • Train the next generation of innovators and business leaders

With our new strategy, we’re closer to Member States than ever

As of 2021, our EIT Strategic Innovation Agenda for 2021-2027 has reinforced our cooperation with Member States through two vehicles:

  • The EIT Member State Representatives Group (MSRG) which advises our GB and Director on strategy, financing, and synergies with national and regional programmes and projects. The MSRG is composed of a representative and a substitute from each EU Member State and Associated Country to Horizon Europe. Learn more about its role and responsibilities.
  • The EIT National Contact Points (NCPs) which serve as support structures everywhere Horizon Europe is active to provide EIT programme applicants and beneficiaries with on-the-ground information and advice. Find the NCP in your country.