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Conflicts of Interest

The independence and transparency of decision making is extremely important to the EIT. Indeed, high standards of professional conduct are crucial for ensuring high standards and excellence of the EIT’s work.

The EIT endeavours to operate in a clear and open manner and is mindful of its duty of transparency towards EU citizens. The EIT also strives to ensure that its staff and members of the Governing Board do not have any interests that could affect their impartiality. However, the EIT is aware of the delicate balance between having high level and well-connected members of the Governing Board with extensive expertise and experience and, at the same time, strictly avoiding conflict of interest situations that may affect decisions. 

Therefore, the EIT has put in place specific rules and procedures to deal with potential conflicts of interests. In particular, by having transparent declarations of interest and adopting and implementing appropriate measures, the EIT ensures that interests cannot have an impact on the decision-making processes of the Institute.

Click here to access the EIT approach to conflicts of interest. 

Click here to access the code of good conduct on conflicts of interests of EIT Governing Board members.

Click here to access EIT Decision 14/2010 on adopting the code of ethical and organisational code of conduct for staff of the EIT.