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Welcome to the EIT’s Knowledge Center

Please find our collection of policy reports and documents presenting good practices and learnings produced by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology and its Knowledge and Innovation Communities. The repository includes mostly documents which have been developed since 2020 and will be updated regularly.

Topics covered range from artificial intelligence in health innovation to strategic importance of raw materials mining and research on building consumer trust in the food system. In the repository you might find documents presenting the EIT operational model, including good practices and lessons learnt. We also present documents illustrating the EIT Community’s impact. In order to find a specific document, simply expand the relevant section name in blue below.

The documents are also available on the EIT Library page where you can filter them by document type (e.g. EIT KIC publications), community name (e.g. EIT RawMaterials), and specific type of a document (e.g. EIT KIC Working Papers). Whether you are an EU regional or national level policy maker, a researcher, or an interested organisation, we encourage you to make use of this resource and disseminate further. 

Disclaimer: When using these documents, please refer to the EIT as the source and please provide a link to this page.

EIT Model

EIT Delivering Impact

EIT Regional Innovation Scheme

EIT Alumni

A Boost for Rural Lignite Regions

Building a Methodology and Community of Practice for Catalysing Transformative Change through System Innovation (MOTION) 

Deep demonstrations of Healthy, Clean Cities 

 RIS Transformation of Regional Energy Agencies for Climate

Practice-based Learning in Cities for Climate Action

Saturn - System and sustainable Approach to virtuous interaction of Urban and Rural Landscapes

Sustainable Shared Mobility (SuSMo)

Covid-19 Call – Future-proof finance for resilience and adaptation (Project Cygnus)


Shared micro depots for urban pickup and delivery

Policies and Regulations required for enabling the MaaS concept

Real-time pollution City map through collaborative sensIng and Analysis

MOBY Living lab e-micromobility

UM Journal Reports 

Urban Mobility Next Series