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Member State Representatives Group

The new EIT Regulation and the EIT Strategic Innovation Agenda for 2021-2027 established the EIT Member State Representatives Group (MSRG). 

The MSRG advises the EIT Governing Board and the EIT Director on strategically important issues to the EIT. It, furthermore, facilitates synergies and complementarities of EIT and Knowledge and Innovation Communities activities with national or regional programmes and initiatives, and share information about the potential national and regional co-financing of those activities.

The group is composed of a representative and a substitute from each EU Member State and each Associated Country to Horizon Europe who are delegated by the invitation of the European Commission.  Members come from Ministries or national authorities responsible for the EIT with the relevant knowledge and understanding of Horizon Europe as well as innovation policies at both national and EU level.

The MSRG meets at least twice a year and is co-chaired by the EIT Director and a Representative nominated by the MSRG. Representatives of the European Commission (DG EAC), the EIT Governing Board and the CEOs of the EIT Knowledge and Innovation Communities may be invited to attend the meetings to better align work carried out by the group.

For detailed information on the areas of cooperation with the EIT Governing Board and about the group’s roles and responsibilities, please refer to the 10/2022 EIT GB Decision on the Cooperation with the MSRG and to the 01/2022 Decision on the MSRG Rules of Procedure.