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EIT Business Creation Programmes: A Better Way to Build Your Business

Get All the Ingredients to Success

Our Community doesn’t just support existing companies. Even if your business is just a glimmer of an idea we can get you all the vital ingredients you need to bring it to life:

  • Financing
  • Markets
  • Business acumen
  • Promotion
  • Partnerships

You’ll find these ingredients no matter which of our Knowledge and Innovation Communities you choose to join. And each will connect you to a Europe-wide network of like-minded businesses and innovators all bent towards helping you achieve your goals!

If your business is working to make Europe and the world more sustainable, our Knowledge and Innovation Communities have the incubation, acceleration, and support services you need. Our factsheet will give you a quick overview of our available programmes. If you're already convinced, our catalogue will give you the full programme listings.

Check out our Business Creation Factsheet

Check out our full Business Creation Catalogue

Already know where you want your innovation to help? Go directly to our Communities’ websites and check out their offerings.

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We’re Fighting Inequality in Tech and Business

Our core mission at the EIT is to fight unequal access to opportunities in business and tech, especially for historically excluded groups like women.

Women’s participation in the world of innovation is critical both to successfully steering tech towards sustainability and to avoiding the reproduction of current inequalities. That’s why we created programmes specifically geared to giving women the skills and support they need to break into the tech world. 

The sustainable future must also be an inclusive future. Join our dedicated programmes for women.


Activities by supernova :

Women Investors CommunityRocket UpWomen2Invest Women Leadership Programme

Still wondering about the relationship between sustainability, business success, and gender inclusivity? Have a look at our research detailing why inclusivity is vital for the future of tech:

Knowledge Centre

Entrepreneurs as Frontline Drivers of the Green and Digital Transitions

Why do we feel so strongly that entrepreneurs are critical actors in fighting societal challenges like climate change and pandemics? 

We believe that by steering entrepreneurs into this role, we can widen and accelerate the pace of adoption of critical tech we need to make Europe a global champion of sustainability. We know Europeans are eager to contribute to a future where everyone benefits from the green and digital transitions. Rather than allowing valuable tech to be captured by a few, helping as many ideas as possible become part of a thriving innovation ecosystem allows for a more socially inclusive and competitive environment.