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Innovation: How our Model Drives Progress

Turning ideas into successful solutions

Maybe you discovered a unique way cities can be more eco-friendly but you don’t know how to begin marketing your solution. Maybe you already have a young start-up built around a sustainability-related product but getting the certifications and financing you need to get off the ground in Europe feels overwhelming. Perhaps you’re unsure about what your ideal market and customer base is or where to find likeminded talent who can join your enterprise. 

That’s where our Knowledge and Innovation Communities can help.

If you’re decided on commercialising your innovative idea, our Communities are there to connect you to everyone and everything your idea needs to become a product or service.

Learn how with our EIT Innovation Guide

Accelerating the transition of your product or service from the lab to the market

Our networks of like-minded experts, educators, and businesses will give you access to unique perspectives from your sector, special coaching on how to navigate it, how to make sure your innovation is meeting current market needs, support to maintain your new product’s property rights, and how to best promote yourself to potential investors, partners, customers, and certifiers. 

The only criteria is that your innovation help deal with global challenges and advances the cause of sustainability.  

See which Knowledge and Innovation Community is the right fit for you

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