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Supported by

EIT Health 

Nominated for

EIT Innovation Team Award

Team organisations  

Idoven (Business)

Leiden University Medical Center (University hospital) 

Fundación para la Investigación Biomédica del Hospital Gregorio Marañón (Research) 

Fundación Para La Investigación Biomédica Del Hospital Universitario La Paz (Research) 

The ASSIST Consortium (Spain) is composed of 14 international partners led by health-tech start-up Idoven. ASSIST is on a mission to pioneer the world's first AI-based solution for early diagnosis and accurate triage of acute myocardial infarction (heart attack). This is driven by Willem-ST, Idoven’s cutting-edge AI cloud-based platform. With the potential to enhance accuracy and reduce diagnosis time by up to 67%, ASSIST is poised to improve healthcare efficiency and elevate patient care, all with the ultimate goal of saving lives.

ASSIST has secured EUR 1.5 million in funding from the EIT Health Flagship Call 'Harnessing the full potential of health data for innovation.' The project benefitted from funding and support from EIT Health's Headstart programme. 

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Early diagnosis is crucial for patients with acute coronary syndrome. Our dedicated team of 14 partners is working collaboratively, putting in the hard teamwork to leverage Artificial Intelligence and revolutionise heart attack diagnosis in emergency units. We are very grateful to EIT Health Spain for their invaluable support.

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