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Supported by

EIT Food 

Nominated for

EIT Innovation Team Award

Team organisations  

Aqua Pharma Group (Business) 

Pulcea (Technology and Research) 

 Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) (Education)

BREEZE (Norway), a project that addresses the critical challenge of sustainable production of healthy seafood, specifically Atlantic salmon, to meet the growing global demand for high-quality protein. With the combination of Paramove®, advanced acoustic Pulcea technology, and a validated environmental footprint, BREEZE is bringing a more effective and eco-friendly approach to sea lice management in Europe and beyond, leading to healthier fish stocks and reduced economic losses from lice-related challenges. EIT Food has provided essential funding for the project. 

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The most rewarding moment of the innovation project so far has been the successful BREEZE trials conducted by SINTEF Ocean, validating the environmental friendliness of hydrogen peroxide and the first indications of effectiveness of the Pulcea technology to enhance the effect of the Paramove product on lice removal.