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Circu Li-ion

Supported by

EIT Urban Mobility 

Nominated for

EIT Venture Awards

Circu Li-ion (Luxemburg), whose fully automated and machine learning-powered battery upcycling process disassembles batteries to the cell level, reduces recycling costs by 30% and cuts CO² emissions by up to 50%. The company's circular approach by maximising each battery cell's lifecycle aligns with sustainability goals. The EIT Urban Mobility has been crucial to Circu Li-ion's success, offering networking, industry insights, and marketing support, positioning the company as a leader in sustainable battery upcycling. 

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The EIT community has been pivotal to Circu Li-ion's evolution. Networking opportunities have connected us with industry peers and potential partners, fostering valuable collaborations. Access to exclusive events and panels through EIT has enriched our industry insights and strategy development.