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Natalie Cernecka, Strategic Education Project Manager with EIT Manufacturing

Moderator of the HelloTomorrow EIT Fireside Chat

Natalie Cernecka is Strategic Education Project Manager with EIT Manufacturing, and is the manager of the EIT Deep Tech Talent Initiative.

She previously worked as Head of Business Development at a big data and AI platform TeraLab, where she oversaw the company European projects, and as Director of Partnerships at an edtech start-up OpenClassrooms, where she launched online training in several deep tech fields.

Natalie holds a PhD from the University of Cambridge. Before moving into tech, she held academic positions in the UK, France, and Japan, and worked in international relations in Latvia and the UK.

Natalie is a co-organiser of Paris Women in Machine Learning and Data Science, which promotes women working in the field and counts over 5 000 members.