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EIT Alumni Impact Report 2021

The EIT Alumni Community celebrated its sixth year of existence in 2021. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, this year saw the community broaden its outreach, impact and swiftly respond to societal challenges. Throughout the year, EIT Alumni Board continued aligning its governance model with the management of the growing individual EIT KIC Alumni communities and the integration of future ones (EIT Food, EIT Manufacturing and EIT Urban Mobility), with an ultimate goal of exploring synergies, sharing good practices from the existing EIT KICs Alumni communities, improving the offer for all members and jointly building an engaged and sustainable network. The EIT Alumni Board composition has changed, welcoming the newly appointed EIT Alumni President in September 2021 and new representatives from EIT RawMaterials Alumni, EIT Climate-KIC Alumni, Community by EIT InnoEnergy and EIT. An external observer, Peter Olesen, previously Chair of the EIT Governing Board, continued to provide his advisory support to the functioning of the EIT Alumni Board.

The EIT Alumni Community continued implementation of joint activities in 2021. Among the most successful activities of the collaboration training event with the EIT Hub Israel, the hackathon organised together with European Food Safety Agency (EFSA) could be highlighted. The Community amplified experimentations towards the “challenge solver” concept by the organisation of the second Hackathon challenge for the Design of an Artificial Intelligence solution to identify fake news, as a result of collaboration with the EFSA. The EIT Alumni Community, despite the pandemic, was represented at several events including the Maria Curie Sklodowska Alumni Association Annual Conference, Research and Innovation Days, Women and Girls in STEM Forum or the EIT Strategic Innovation Agenda Launch Event.

Looking back at 2021, our community with over 12,000 members has achieved a lot and we are pleased to tell you about the highlights!