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EIT Health & McKinsey: Transforming healthcare with AI

This EIT Health and McKinsey & Company report aims to contribute to the debate surrounding AI in healthcare, specifically looking at how practitioners and organisations will be affected. It aims to cast light on the priorities and trade-offs for different parts of the healthcare system in Europe and beyond. The report draws on proprietary research and analyses undertaken by EIT Health and McKinsey & Company. This includes work by the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) on the future of work in the era of automation and AI,3 analysing the impact on healthcare practitioners in Europe; a series of one-to-one interviews with 62 healthcare and other leaders with experience in AI and digital health, and an online survey of 175 healthcare professionals, healthcare investors and AI startup founders and other executives. AI in healthcare being a fast-moving field, the report provides a unique vantage point from the frontline of healthcare delivery and innovation today and the latest view from a wide array of stakeholders on AI’s potential, the real state of play today, and what is holding us back.