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Market entry barriers, summary on Airway Disease Analysis and Prevention (ADAPT) Project

Scope of the ADAPT project: To validate a new, minimally invasive diagnostic device for local sampling in chronic airway disease patients in combination with new biomarker assays. Aim: To allow early detection of allergic rhinitis and asthma and enable endotyping of such patients to support decision on treatment. Added value: The ADAPT concept is a less invasive, more sensitive, and reliable assessment of local airway inflammation compared to current clinical practice. The concept is particularly attractive to assessment in children below 5 years of age, for which lung function tests are not readily available. Who: Children, adolescents and adults. Where: Primary care and specialists, with the vision to develop it further into home sampling, send-in for analysis.

Scope of this WP: A market research field study was conducted through in-depth interviews with pediatricians in Germany, Italy, and France on the diagnostic process for wheezing children, including treatment and follow-up, and the value of the ADAPT concept of nasal sampling for measurement of airway biomarkers in wheezing and asthma.

This WP report summarizes: Results from the market research study, including conclusions and recommendations extracted from 30 one-hour in-depth interviews with experienced European pediatricians.