Open policy report for Covid-19 Call – Future-proof finance for resilience and adaptation

The purpose of the research was to understand four key questions in detail and then use the knowledge gained to create three policy recommendations for how best to ensure the economic recovery from the Covid-19 crisis is both sustainable and local.

The four questions were:

  1. What was the financial impact of Covid-19 on the UK and Ireland?
  2. Where were the UK and Ireland on carbon emissions pre-crisis? In order to understand what the crisis had changed and not changed and from there, to outline the scale of the current climate crisis in the two countries, post-Covid-19.
  3. What are the governments in the UK and Ireland planning in terms of sustainable Covid-19 recovery?
  4. How has working from home impacted the environment, how much of those impacts look to be long term and what we can tell about current attitudes about working from home?

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