A vision of the future: presenting EIT Manufacturing and EIT Urban  Mobility

The European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) today officially presented its two newest Innovation Communities: EIT Manufacturing and EIT Urban Mobility.

Together with some of their  leading  partners: TomTom, COMAU, Siemens, CEA, Czech Technical University Prague, Technical University of Vienna, and the City of Barcelona, they offered a glimpse of what society could look like in 15 years. A society with a sustainable, resource‐efficient, digital and above all competitive  manufacturing industry. One that contributes to a circular economy and allows for growth, with different  types of job opportunities for a diverse, highly qualified workforce. Where logistics and traffic are smart-managed. Where people use highly efficient modes of electric, shared or individualised and on‐demand  (public) transport. Where cities provide more space for living, walking and playing. Where no one worries  about air quality, traffic jams or finding a parking spot.

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