White Paper on Optimising Innovation Pathways: Future Proofing for Success

Each year, a topic that is high on the European health agenda is selected for deeper exploration in meetings that take place at Round Tables across the EIT Health regions, drawing on the experience, knowledge and skills of subject matter experts from EIT Health’s broader community. The 2019 Think Thank Round Table Series focussed on ‘Optimising Innovation Pathways: Future Proofing for Success’. Through a dedicated programme of research, including a series of seven Round Tables in Member States (Belgium, France, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and the UK) and discussions with local innovators, it gathered on-the-ground insights into the practicalities of bringing a digital health solution from idea to market through the digital health innovation pathway in a real-world setting. The objective of the 2019 EIT Health Think Tank was to drive analysis and insight into the innovation pathways across multiple European regions and provide recommendations for removing barriers and speeding up the process of delivering innovations to patients and citizens.

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