EIT Digital brings IoT solutions, e-service platforms and innovative makerspaces to Almedalen

Meet EIT Digital in Almedalen 2016 where they present and explore digital, collaborative plattforms and solutions for sustainable cities, innovative startup ideas for digital health & wellbeing and how makerspaces integrate education, research, business and innovation.

Wednesday 6 July 6 pm to 8 pm, Fenomalen, Gotland Science Center

Digital, collaborative solutions for smart sustainable cities - meet experts, share ideas, try 5G bike!

Thursday 7 July, RISE Hälsodalen, St Hans café

Technical solutions for better healthcare? EIT Digital is present in the demo area with startups Aifloo and Qinematic, part of the Digital Wellbeing business community

Friday 8 July 9 am - noon, Fenomalen, Gotland Science Center

Makerspace and maker culture - what is it and why should you bring it into education?

Friday 8 July 1 pm - 5 pm, Fenomalen, Gotland Science Center

Makerspaces a place for innovation - integrating education, research and business

Get in touch with them if you are in Visby between 6-8 July where EIT Digital will be networking, debating and hosting events with partners and organisations in the Swedish ecosystem: