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EIT Festival in Finland


Do you know that EIT is Europe’s largest innovation network?

EIT empowers innovators through its unique ecosystem that brings together business, education and research to find solutions to pressing global challenges. It covers the entire pipeline of innovation activities to help the transition from student to entrepreneur, from idea to product and from lab to customer. The EIT’s Innovation Communities work in areas that make the difference to this planet, the EU and its citizens: from climate, digitisation, renewable energies to health, raw materials and food with manufacturing and mobility in the making. Already today the EIT delivers on the UN Sustainable Development Goals in a very tangible way.

Welcome to the EIT Festival to discover EIT Innovation Communities in Finland!

Through the showcases and success stories from three sectors (EIT Digital, EIT Food and EIT RawMaterials), the festival aims to highlight how the EIT delivers innovation and impacts with its 'Knowledge Triangle Integration' (Education, Research, Industry).

You will have the opportunity to learn on how you or your organisation can benefit from EIT’s various support programs and to network with the EIT Community partners for future collaboration.

In partnership with Aalto University, the EIT Festival day will also put the spotlight on the renewed vibrant Aalto Campus in Otaniemi where the main event will take place. Various partners and collaborators of the EIT Community in Finland will hold stands and exhibition at the Science & Innovation Exhibition space.

The EIT Festival is organized back-to-back with the Finnish EU- Presidency event gathering officials and stakeholders around Europe.