EIT InnoEnergy 2018 Hack the Wind: second event to take place in Germany

EIT InnoEnergy will host the second Hack the Wind hackathon.

During the Global Wind Summit, EIT InnoEnergy and WindEurope will host Hack the Wind 2018 - the second of the hugely successful Hack the Wind hackathon events. This year, the event will take place at the Hamburg Messe from September 25 to 27.

Hack the Wind is dedicated to moving the wind energy industry forward and, as such, it is inviting designers, developers, data scientists and analysts, blockchain developers, and wind energy experts to work with some of the biggest names in the industry to create solutions for the proposed challenges.


Sponsored by: EDPR

Wind Turbine Fault Prediction

Time is money and anticipating failures in wind turbines reduces maintenance and production loss due to unavailability - paving the way for lower costs of clean energy. How many failures can you anticipate? The team who detects the most early stage failures will enable the highest cost savings. If a team can do this as well as visualise the data presented to them, they will be named the winner of the challenge.


Sponsored by: Siemens Gamesa

Hamburg Harbour Microgrid

We are moving towards a decentralised energy system with renewable energy production, storage and consumers. The increasing system complexity leads to increased demand to monitor and control the grid as well as the market participants to balance the energy system. Our current systems are heavily challenged by this development. During Hack the Wind, the challenge is to build an application on the Ethereum blockchain to optimise and visualise the running system.