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EIT InnoEnergy: The Business Booster 2021


3 - 4 November 2021 - EIT InnoEnergy invites you to join The Business Booster 2021 event on the new industrial revolution.

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The Business Booster is EIT InnoEnergy’s annual flagship event, bringing together 1 200+ attendees from over 40 countries, consisting of start-ups, energy industry representatives, financial communities, policy makers and regulators.

For several years, the energy industry has unwaveringly explored, innovated, and invested in technologies and services. But now, as the world re-builds, you are standing witness to the new industrial revolution - one that is sustainable, decarbonised, and digital. 

Why come?

Planned for November, this will be the theme of The Business Booster 2021. The event will act as an enabler, bringing together stakeholders from across Europe for the first time in nearly two years, to realign and progress the industry’s vision and bring transformational change in this new landscape.

Registration is open, with Early Bird tickets are available until 30 July. Event details are as follows:

The preliminary programme and the full list of speakers can be found here

Re-build and boost your business

By providing industry and investors with 150+ clean-tech solutions that will put the world on the road to economic recovery, The Business Booster 2021 will play a key part in re-building and boosting business across many industries.

Climate neutrality by 2050

What is more, the event will progress the European Commissions’ recently updated Industrial Strategy and drive forward Europe’s goal of climate neutrality by 2050.

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Please, visit the dedicated event page for more information regarding the event.