EIT Urban Mobility Talks 9: Transforming our streets and spaces - how is the public realm moving?

On 27 May at 16:00 (CET), EIT Urban Mobility and its community will gather together again for the Mobility Talks episode 9. Join the talk.

Public realm represents a complex space of social interaction that is generally open and accessible to all citizens, and its quality is seen as key to urban livelihood. The design and distribution of space between the buildings organise the mobility of people and goods around the city, impacting air quality through levels of traffic and congestion.

From this perspective, the recent pandemic, and the tactical urbanism movement, helped us get a glimpse of how our reclaimed streets might look like in the future. It also created a momentum for stronger citizen engagement in urban co-creation and inspired new city development concepts, such as the '15-minute city' of Paris and Milan or even a 'one-minute city' of Stockholm.


  • Luca Bertolini, Professor of Urban Planning at the University of Amsterdam.
  • Rawad Choubassi, Planning Director and Partner at Systematica
  • Michael Salka, Valldaura Labs Technical Coordinator Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia

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EIT Urban Mobility Talks 9 will take place online on 27 May at 16:00 (CET).