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INNOVEIT 2015 - EIT Innovation Forum


INNOVEIT2015 brought together the EIT Stakeholder Forum, the EIT Awards, the EIT Roundtables and the EIT Alumni Connect event in one Innovation forum.

The objectives of the forum were to bring together a large and wide group of actors from the European Innovation Community in order to:

  • showcase selected achievements from the EIT Community and share learnings and good practice;
  • promote innovation and encourage entrepreneurship and to celebrate the best EIT ventures, graduates and innovation teams coming out of the KICs;
  • provide a platform for dialogue between the EIT Community and external stakeholders and obtain feedback on the EIT's strategy and EIT-KIC activities in order to identify lessons learnt and recommendations for the future;
  • enhance networking and collaboration with the wider European innovation community.

The EIT Stakeholder Forum

The EIT Stakeholder forum is a platform open to representatives of national, regional and local authorities, organised interests and individual entities from business, higher education, research, associations, civil society and cluster organisations, as well as other interested parties from across the knowledge triangle.

The Stakeholder Forum aims to:

  • Inform about EIT/KIC activities
  • Discuss and receive feedback and input on EIT/KIC activities
  • Share experiences, good practices and concrete results
  • Contribute to EU education, research and innovation policies
  • Ensure synergies and complementarities at EU, national, regional and local level
  • Give a platform for stakeholders to express their views
  • Facilitate interaction between stakeholders and the EIT Community

Within the Stakeholder Forum, Member States’ representatives meet in a special configuration, to ensure an appropriate two-way communication, flow of information and experience-sharing with the EIT. This Member State Configuration should also ensure appropriate synergies and complementarities between EIT and KIC activities with national programmes and initiatives, including the potential national co-financing of KIC activities.

Participants in the forum include:

  • National, regional and local authorities
  • EU institutional stakeholders (EP, Commission, DGs)
  • Organised interests (business, research): multipliers and individuals

A meeting of the Stakeholder Forum is convened at least once a year. A first meeting of the Stakeholder Forum was held in 2014 in the form of two half-day meetings with EU Member States and EU umbrella organisations – Read all about it here!

The 2015 Stakeholder Forum was held as a part of INNOVEIT 2015.

EIT Awards 2015

Visit our EIT Awards section for more information.

EIT Roundtables

The EIT Roundtables gather high level stakeholders in a secluded setting in order to discuss strategies and practices of the EIT and its KICs. This covers the fields of Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Education and Knowledge Triangle Integration. The aim of the EIT Roundtables is to obtain expert-feedback and advice on specific EIT strategies. EIT Roundtables also act as an enabler for the EIT and its KICs to develop or strengthen relations with important stakeholders.

Read about the EIT Roundtable organised in 2013!

Several EIT Roundtables were held durring INNOVEIT2015!

EIT Alumni CONNECT event

The EIT Alumni CONNECT will bring together more than 100 students and alumni from Climate-KIC, EIT ICT Labs and KIC InnoEnergy to give them the opportunity to:

  • share their knowledge and experiences and discuss their entrepreneurial ideas with fellow students/alumni in a cross-disciplinary way;
  • contribute to the development of the EIT Alumni Community by developing ideas and proposing ways to implement them jointly;
  • find partners for collaboration (e.g. start-ups searching for people with specific skills).

More information on the EIT Alumni CONNECT.

The latest EIT Alumni Connect events took place during INNOVEIT2015 

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