INNOVEIT Warsaw - Connecting regions, industries, and innovators

Bridging the innovation divide in Europe is a top priority for the EIT Community. Discover the EIT Regional Innovation Scheme and its plethora of activities and programmes that have supported a more inclusive innovation ecosystem, bridging gaps, offering tailor made support, and helping more European regions transform into bastions of success and growth.

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Connecting regions, industries and innovations, an event organised by EIT Health InnoStars will take place in the Crown Plaza in Warsaw, on 22nd September from 17:00 to 19:30. EIT Health InnoStars will focus on developing the innovative regions of tomorrow through the EIT Regional Innovation Scheme activities. The participants will be able to engage in debate on the topics of building highly connected and futureproof innovation ecosystems, solving global challenges using the power of different sectors, and developing deep tech skills to bridge the innovation divide in the EIT RIS eligible countries.

Join the event to learn more about:

  • Connected regions: What are the key factors in building  innovation ecosystems?
  • Connected industries: How to solve global challenges by harnessing the power of different sectors?   
  • Connected innovators: How to build an ecosystem conducive to commercialisation and develop deep tech skills in EIT RIS eligible countries

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This event is part of the INNOVEIT WEEKS event series, for more information please visit: