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InnoWise Scale pitching event - Familia Torres case study


The InnoWise Scale pitching competitions focus on finding innovative solutions to reverse water scarcity. 

How to ensure water quality in food production?

This is the debate question for the 3rd session of the InnoWise Scale pitching series, taking place online between 22 and 30 November 2022 with the title Road to 2030: Future circular water-cycle perspectives in the framework of InnoWise Scale.

The occurrence of emerging pollutants and the increasing salinity in irrigation waters is a growing concern. The presence of pollutants in irrigation water can lead to soil and crop contamination, and the increase of salinity can result in infertile soil. The smart use of available water resources and the quality of irrigation water is important to avoid problems in the soil and in production.

The agrifood sector is one of the biggest consumers of freshwater, and therefore, a big producer of wastewater. Ensuring a circular water cycle in the sector would increase soil health, water quality, and availability. But how can the industry integrate a circular water cycle? Can that process also recover nutrients from wastewater to be reused in food or wine production?

Following the challenge presented by Familia Torres – the problem holder of the InnoWise Scale food competition –, the panelists in the session will shed light on this issue, highlighting currently available solutions and further innovations. 

The problem holder

The Spanish winery Familia Torres is a family business with five generations dedicated to wine and vines. Familia Torres has presented its main challenges related to water management, namely wastewater treatment, quality of irrigation water and sewage sludge waste. 

The solution providers


About the competition

The InnoWise Scale pitching competitions are the final step after 3 months of mentoring, training, and networking opportunities between problem holders and solution providers. The competitions focus on finding innovative solutions to reverse water scarcity, and change water misuse and pollution to reduce, reuse and non-use water.

Winners of the competitions will be granted EUR 12 000 (1st prize) and EUR 10 000 (2nd prize), to be used for scaling up their business. The evaluation will be based on the innovation and impact of the solution presented.

Moreover, there will be a special prize of EUR 30 000 for testing purposes. This prize will be granted to the solution provider that best addresses the challenge and needs of the end user: Familia Torres.