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2024 EIT Jumpstarter Cohort Selected!

The Online Bootcamps for the EIT Jumpstarter programme highlight the strong demand for this initiative as individuals from across Europe seek to validate their innovative ideas.

A significant step for 186 teams and 341 founders, the most promising participants will now work closely with experts to turn their concepts into reality. The digital classroom will soon be buzzing with activity as these diverse teams embark on their start-up journeys.

The appetite for the pre-acceleration offered by the EIT Jumpstarter is still huge. Only this year, 600 teams comprised of 1015 people applied to eight thematic cohorts.

Every year, hundreds of researchers and students apply to the programme to validate their scientific ideas in a market-friendly environment. The EIT Jumpstarter gives this opportunity, especially since it targets non-Western European countries, which are often underrepresented in the global start-up accelerators. Our focus on idea-holders and very early-stage start-ups sets EIT Jumpstarter apart from many other programmes. It provides support from the first steps, ensuring that scientific and research ideas have the opportunity to grow and develop.

Piotr Boulange, international start-up expert,  lead of the EIT Jumpstarter

In addition to the streamlined application process, EIT Jumpstarter offers unparalleled access to EU resources and business networks through its extensive EIT Community partnerships. This network provides participants with crucial connections and opportunities to enhance their start-up journey.

Diverse Participation Reflects Europe’s Rich Tapestry

The programme’s extensive reach reflects Europe’s diversity and the dynamism of the EIT Community. This year, the applicants represent 62 different nations. The most ideas came from Ukraine (104), Türkiye (64), Portugal (35), Poland (34), and Croatia (31).

Significantly, every eligible country was represented in the applications, showcasing the broad interest and engagement in the EIT Jumpstarter programme.

Almost 10 per cent of the applicants are from the Western Balkans, way more than their share of the total eligible population would suggest, highlighting the EIT Community’s strategic efforts in these regions.

The establishment of an EIT Community RIS Hub in North Macedonia in the summer of 2023 has been fruitful, with thirteen teams from the country applying and eight joining the programme. This is the highest participation from the Western Balkans, matching Serbia despite having only a third of its population.

Since opening the EIT Jumpstarter to Ukrainians, the number of applications from Ukraine has been the highest for two consecutive years, constituting around 20 per cent of the total applications. Since 2023, the EIT Jumpstarter has been prominently recognised within the local innovation ecosystem. Following the establishment of the EIT RIS Hub in Ukraine and significant promotional support from the EIT Community, 42 Ukrainian teams out of 186 were selected for the programme. This led to 75 participants enhancing their entrepreneurial skills. These Ukrainian teams are represented across all cohorts of the EIT Jumpstarter.

As a key aspect of the programme’s internationalisation effort, each team must include at least one person from an eligible country, although teams can also have members from non-eligible countries. This cross-national collaboration is crucial, as research indicates that start-ups with diverse national backgrounds tend to be more successful. 

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