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Basquevolt Celebrates National Energy Globe Award Win in Spain

Basquevolt, a pioneering energy battery technology company and a member of the EIT InnoEnergy portfolio, attained a notable accomplishment by securing the National Energy Globe Award 2023 in Spain.

The award ceremony, held at the Commercial Office of Austria, recognised Basquevolt as a leader in environmental innovation and the best energy efficiency initiative in the country.

The Energy Globe Awards, presented annually in 180 countries through the Austrian ENERGY GLOBE FOUNDATION, are globally renowned for highlighting innovative and sustainable projects that contribute to the transition from fossil fuels to sustainable energy sources. Basquevolt’s groundbreaking achievements were acknowledged as they were celebrated among some of the leading environmental projects worldwide.

Basquevolt’s CEO, Francisco Carranza expressed gratitude to the organisation for recognising companies actively contributing to the Net-zero goal, emphasising the pivotal role batteries play in this journey. Basquevolt’s innovative battery technology was specifically acknowledged for its contribution to accelerating the transition from fossil fuels to sustainable energy sources.

Basquevolt’s success in winning the National Energy Globe Award 2023 not only highlights the company’s dedication to environmental sustainability but also showcases the impact of EIT InnoEnergy’s portfolio companies on a global scale. As Basquevolt continues to lead in innovative energy solutions, it stands as a testament to the collective efforts towards a more sustainable economy.