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City of Braga selected as co-chair of EIT Urban Mobility’s City Club

The city of Braga, Portugal has been selected as a co-chair of the EIT Urban Mobility City Club. This achievement highlights Braga’s commitment to transforming urban mobility and establishing itself as a leading city in sustainable transportation solutions.

This nomination is valid until the end of this year, and in early 2024 there will be new votes for the biennium 2024/2025.

Braga’s selection as a co-chair of the EIT Urban Mobility City Club is a testament to the city’s ongoing efforts to drive innovation in sustainable transportation. Braga has long been recognised as a city that embraces innovation and seeks sustainable solutions to address the challenges of urbanisation. The city’s strategic vision focuses on fostering a more liveable, inclusive, and environmentally friendly urban environment. Through its active participation in various urban mobility initiatives, Braga has positioned itself as a key player in shaping the future of transportation.

According to Olga Pereira, President of the board of directors of Transportes Urbanos de Braga, this nomination and the support received by the cities that integrate this project is further proof of Braga’s commitment to issues related to urban mobility improvement.

This recognition is another stimulus for us to continue working, in partnership with other European cities, for a more and more sustainable mobility for the benefit of a better quality of life for all European citizens.

Olga Pereira

City Club is a platform, created by EIT Urban Mobility, for cities to collaborate, share best practices, upscale ideas, and putting them to work. Every year the club produces a list of key challenges facing cities, which can be tackled by innovation projects and fed into EIT Urban Mobility's innovation, education, and business creation programmes. The cities on this platform will act as Living Labs to test projects and improve innovation in urban mobility. City Club will also conduct outreach, disseminating the projects under development among citizens and serving as a sounding board for citizens.

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