Climate-KIC’s Green Garage installs crowd-funded solar roof

The Green Garage has become even greener!

A photovoltaic system has recently been installed on the roof of the start-up facility. The solar roof was partially funded through a €18.000 crowd-funding campaign. The roof now produces 19.47 KW of green energy. The system is connected to the smart grid of the EUREF-Campus and will serve energy and research purposes.

The EUREF-Campus, home to Climate-KIC’s German centre, is a renowned research and business location for companies in the green energy and e-mobility scene.

Crowd funding

The investment was funded through a crowd funding project initiated by, a start-up company located on the EUREF-Campus. The campaign raised €18.000.

Green Garage

The Berlin-based incubator helps Climate-KIC’s operations in Germany significantly accelerate the development of innovative products and services in the area of climate change.

The Climate-KIC Green Garage offers 280 square metres of modern working space for six start-ups, as well as space for workshops and seminars for up to 60 people.

The facility opened its doors in April 2013: “Young founders and future climate entrepreneurs are our best investment in the future,” said Hans-Jürgen Cramer, director of Climate-KIC’s national centre in Germany, on the day of the launch.