EIT announces winners of EIT Awards 2013

Antaco, CoRehab and Enerstone win Venture Award Kate Hofman, Dorottya Maksay and Eduardo Appleyard win CH.A.N.G.E. Award.

The European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) announced today the winners of the 2013 EIT Awards. During an inspiring event championing innovation and entrepreneurship in Europe, the winners were selected from a group of 17 nominees.
This year’s EIT Awards are the second edition of the competition. Antaco (nominated by Climate-KIC), CoRehab (nominated by EIT ICT Labs) and Enerstone (nominated by KIC InnoEnergy) are the winners of the 2013 EIT Venture Award. The purpose of this award is to shine a light on the new business ideas and innovative projects that are emerging from the EIT’s Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs). This award, previously known as the EIT Entrepreneurship Award, was launched in 2012.
Antaco, founded by Dominik Peus, has developed technology to turn organic waste into bio-coal, a technology that makes biomass conversion available on a global scale. (www.antaco.co.uk)
CoRehab, founded by David Tacconi was awarded for its Riablo product that innovatively combines gaming technology with orthopaedic rehabilitation. (www.corehab.it)
Enerstone co-founder Lionel Chaverot was recognised for his venture’s technology that prolongs battery lifespan and reduces the environmental impact of their products. (www.enerstone.fr)
Kate Hofman (nominated by Climate-KIC), Dorottya Maksay and Eduardo Appleyard take the EITs first-ever ‘CH.A.N.G.E Agents and Next Generation of Entrepreneurs’ Award, or C.H.A.N.G.E. Award. This new award has been designed to showcase the young entrepreneurs of the future that are emerging from education and training programmes of the EIT.
Kate Hofman was reconigsed for her showcasing the pro-active attitude and entrepreneurial drive in the development of GrowUp, a London based initiative that demonstrates a sustainable commercial model for urban agriculture and aquaponics. (www.growup.org.uk)
Dorottya Maksay, was awarded for developing her Homebuddy initiative for a sustainable social enterprise. Homebuddy provides social interaction and care for elderly people by matching them with students who need accommodation.
Eduardo Appleyard received recognition for his project Solar Lighting     for Africa. Which develops a solution for SolarAid, a charity specialising in clean affordable solar product distribution. (www.solar-aid.org)
Launched in 2012, the EIT Awards highlight the exciting ideas and start ups that are coming out of the EIT’s KICs. The awards showcase the talent emerging from the potential of the individuals involved with EIT-labelled and KIC training programmes. Every year, each of the KICs (Climate-KIC, EIT ICT Labs and KIC InnoEnergy) select three nominees for each award category. The Venture awards celebrate breakthrough innovations and exciting start-ups. The new CH.A.N.G.E awards celebrate Europe’s newest generation of entrepreneurs and the ideas they are producing.