EIT celebrated the official launch of the KICs in Barcelona

The EIT celebrated the official launch of the ‘Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs)' at the 'Launching the KICs - Delivering new solutions to the European innovation landscape' conference in Barcelona on 2-3 June 2010.

The event did not only present EIT stakeholders with their first opportunity to meet the three designated KICs but also allowed them to engage in an open dialogue with them. Four breakout sessions dealt with the key fields addressed by the KICs:

  • Addressing societal and economic challenges through the KICs
  • Co-location centres as test beds of world-class innovation
  • Fostering entrepreneurship and new business creation
  • Shaping educational programmes through new partnerships

The KICs used this opportunity to further strengthen links between key higher education, research, business and innovation actors.

Dr. Martin Schuurmans, chairman of the EIT Governing Board, hopes the KICs will also encourage entrepreneurial skills and sensible risk-taking. "We believe they can be icebreakers in advancing new ways of thinking and working together for the benefit of a more innovative and entrepreneurial Europe," he said.

Please find here Dr. Schuurmans' keynote speech: 'What the EIT wants to accomplish'

Please find here the final version of the agenda of the KIC launch conference.