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EIT Digital celebrates Clevergy's successful funding round

EIT Digital celebrated the recent successful EUR 1.5 million funding round by Spanish start-up Clevergy, an alumnus of the 2022 cohort of the EIT Digital Open Innovation Factory.

A climate-tech firm, Clevergy addresses the challenge of fragmented home energy management and ineffective connectivity between homes, the grid, and equipment manufacturers (such as batteries, electric cars, heat pumps, solar, etc.), by providing a unified platform that connects homes with retailer services and smart devices.

Currently, users have a limited experience due to different applications for each device. Energy companies are limited in their ability to centralise and optimise operations and provide a unified energy management service under their brand. 

By overcoming the limitations of existing disparate systems, Clevergy has emerged as a pioneer in the future energy transition.

The start-up closed its initial pre-seed round in 2022 with Flash Ventures, securing EUR 500 000 to develop a product enabling energy retailers and installers to centralise home energy management.

This latest round, led by Zubi and its founder Iker Marcaide, along with contributions from Earth, Finaves, Fredrik Wikstrom, and several notable climate-tech sector business angels, marks another significant milestone in Clevergy's journey.

The investment will fuel Clevergy's mission to improve its technology, expand smart device compatibility, integrate AI-based energy-saving models, and pioneer community energy management. The start-up’s innovative approach has already garnered the trust of leading energy retailers and renewable energy firms, such as Naturgy, Doctor Energy, and Lidera Energía.

Households will play a crucial role in the energy transition, evolving from mere consumers to active network participants, generating their own energy and balancing demand. Clevergy supports energy retailers and renewable energy companies with its technology, offering the best energy experience to their customers via apps or web platforms. 

Beltrán Aznar, CEO and co-founder of Clevergy

The company's commitment to maintaining its brand identity while offering customisable white-label integration solutions underscores its dedication to providing flexible and user-centric energy management services.

We are excited to continue supporting Clevergy and other innovative ventures through our Open Innovation Factory, reinforcing our commitment to shaping a competitive, inclusive, and sustainable digital Europe. We congratulate Clevergy on this remarkable achievement and look forward to its continued impact on the energy sector. 

Diva Tommei, EIT Digital’s Chief Innovation and Education Officer