EIT Health Belgium-Netherlands awards four start-ups with HeadStart Funding

EIT Health

The selection was made from 28 high quality proposals

EIT HeadStart Funding supports start-ups in taking their next step to the market by accelerating market entry and by creating new economic activity more effectively. In addition to the EUR 50 000 cash award, EIT Health and its partners provide access to innovation facilities and networks as well as mentoring. Moreover, the grant will increase the possibility of attracting further private investment.

The four chosen start-ups are:

Epihunter – revealing absence seizures

Epihunter creates digital connected solutions to make epilepsy matter less and life matter more. Their first solution helps children with absence seizures. Epihunter uses wearable EEG devices to reveal those seizures to the outside world. This allows the children to interact more naturally with the people around them.

Vitroscan – a drug response platform

Vitroscan’s platform offers drug developers a tool to test novel drugs in series of cancer patients, to compare the response with standard care drugs and to characterise responsive patients in detail (clinical response, genetic analysis) thus improving the outcome of subsequent clinical trials. 

Plasmacure - healing chronic wounds

Plasmacure heals chronic wounds with a revolutionary, patented active treatment method. A special electronic pad creates a cold plasma above the wound that will kill bacteria, stimulate cell proliferation and improve local blood flow. The treatment takes one minute per day only, and is be repeated until healing. Self-management is possibl

STENTiT – minimally invasive vascular restoration

Stentit’s regenerative stent will be the only device on the market that brings vascular regeneration to the patient, while preventing invasive surgical procedures. Made out of a fully biodegradable porous structure, the product provides minimally-invasive accessibility to treat the diseased artery and promotes natural vascular regeneration using the patient’s circulating blood cells.

EIT Health provides HeadStart funding twice a year. The upcoming second call for 2018 is due to close on 2 October. 

For further enquiries contact: Bart Haex, bart.haex@eithealth.eu

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