EIT Health reached out to partners with month-long ‘Roadshow Tour’

The German CLC Team during the German EIT Health 'Awareness & Roadshow Tour'.

During a month of traveling in an “Awareness & Roadshow Tour”, staff of EIT Health’s German Co-Location Center (CLC) visited 17 German and Swiss partners at 13 different locations and spread the word about the opportunities offered through EIT Health.

Between 16 November and 16 December 2016, employees of the German CLC, and sometimes EIT Health headquarters, drove to diverse locations in a truck that served as a mobile headquarters, to hold face-to-face meetings onsite.

The tour reached the majority of EIT Health partner organisations based in Germany and Switzerland, and the main audience included these partners’ managers within departments of Innovation, HR, Communication, Public Affairs and Governmental Affairs. But the Roadshow also targeted scientists, professors, researchers, doctors, patients, entrepreneurs, start-up founders, students and other citizens. The typical interests of the people that EIT Health staff met with included funding procedures and opportunities, as well as the key aims of EIT Health.

Of course, the communication went both ways. While sharing information about EIT Health, the crew running the Roadshow received valuable feedback. Based on what they learned, key interests included: funding opportunities, innovation projects, e-health, headstart funding, telemedicine, immunology, diabetes, chronic diseases, Campus opportunities and collaboration with other partners. In addition, EIT Health staff learned that there is keen interest in providing marketing material to make it easier to explain EIT Health internally and to enhance internal and external communication. The partners contacted also expressed interest in being able to get in touch with other partners, and the networking that was conducted via the Roadshow helped to facilitate these contacts.

Overall, the partners gave positive feedback on the tour, and the German CLC was pleased with their ability to improve their contacts with Swiss and German partners and learn more about their needs.

Download a PDF giving a summary of the Roadshow.
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