EIT Health Spain names 15 winners of Headstart funding

EIT Health Spain Headstart

EIT Health will support early-stage start-ups

EIT Health Spain has announced 15 local winners of Headstart funds – which are grants designed to help early-stage companies and SMEs develop their new products and services.

Headstart funding comes with a maximum EIT Health contribution of EUR 50 000 and is intended to:

  • support participants in realising next steps towards the market and shortening time-to-market for innovative products and services;
  • verify the need/benefit of participant’s product/service for users/customers/payers/partners;
  • increase the possibility of attracting further private investment.

The following start-ups will receive Headstart funding: 

Medtech category

  • WIVI Vision is an immersive 3D technology to assess and improve children's visual dysfunctions

  • New Born Solutions develops first- in-class medical devices for quick, easy, painless and efficient detection of infections, with the focus being on infant meningitis. 

  • GlyCardial Diagnostics is a Barcelona-based spin-off company of the Sant Pau Hospital Research Institute and CSIC (Spanish National Research Council) focused on the development of a novel in vitro diagnostic (IVD) test for the detection of ApoJ-Glyc blood levels for the early diagnosis of cardiac ischemia and the prediction of patient's evolution. 

  • ADmit Therapeutics is a spin-off from Bellvitge Biomedical Research Institute, and focused on the development of a novel Alzheimer's disease (AD) early detection test. 

  • Biel Smartgaze creates digital glasses that increase the autonomy of people who have low vision. 

  • Spotlab creates a new generation of telemedicine solutions to reduce the time, costs and distances of image diagnosis. 

  • ABLE Human Motion, a spin-off from Polytechnic University of Catalonia, developed the first home use, affordable  and  lightweight  exoskeleton  that restores the ability to walk naturally and intuitively. ABLE is composed by a motor plus gearbox that act as a muscle and an inertial sensor to detect the user's intention. It helps in palliating health issues caused by sedentary lifestyle while boosting self-confidence and independence.

  • Anaconda Biomed focuses on the development of a new disruptive generation of catheters for the treatment of acute ischemic strokes by using mechanical thrombectomies.

Biotech category

  • AptaTargets is developing ApTOLL, an immune modulator that offers a novel approach to treat a stroke in the acute phase and substantially reduce brain damage. 

  • RemAb Therapeutics, a spin-off of Bellvitge Biomedical Research Institute, aims to develop polymeric glycoconjugates for removing antibodies to provide health solutions. 

  • FreeOx Biotech focuses on developing medicines addressed to reduce the effects of oxidative stress in an organism, especially those related to the neurological and cardiovascular systems. 

Digital category

  • Braingaze transforms mental health care by developing technology that enables accurate psychiatric home-care. 

  • ReHand is an innovative solution for the traumatic rehabilitation of the wrist, hand and fingers that aims to displace the traditional exercise protocols on paper. 

  • HumanlTcare  monitors the course of disease in mental health conditions, using artificial intelligence. 

  • e-CARER is a non-intrusive, remote monitoring technology that can automatically detect particular behaviours of dependent citizens in their homes.

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