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EIT ICT Labs and MultiTouch Ltd. present the First 3D Motion Sensing Multitouch Wall

EIT ICT Labs Smart space research results in the integration of a five-meter-wide MultiTouch wall.

EIT ICT Labs Smart space research results in the integration of a five-meter-wide MultiTouch wall with Kinect 3D motion sensing camera. The reseachers have solved a problem: how to attract people to use the multitouch display wall. The multitouch wall with 3D motion sensing cameras reacts to new potential users passing by and lures them to touch the wall and explore the content when they approach it.

On the interactive wall made of eight MultiTaction® Cell 55” modular multi-user touch displays and four Microsoft Kinect® 3D motion sensing cameras, visitors can playfully learn about EIT ICT Labs activities using a user interface developed by EIT ICT Labs researchers.

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“The wall is an example of how EIT ICT Labs boosts European competitiveness by bringing academic research, education and business together,” says Professor Marko Turpeinen, Node Director EIT ICT Labs Helsinki. “Cooperation with MultiTouch has brought added value to both parties.”
The goal of EIT ICT Labs researchers has been to learn more about and develop concepts for delivering information in public spaces using large interactive displays. MultiTouch Ltd. has provided researchers with support and information from real use cases from all around the globe. This cooperation enabled the scientific knowledge to be transferred immediately into this new business tool.

MultiTouch Ltd. was originally established by researchers from Aalto University, which is one of the core partners of EIT ICT Labs Helsinki. The company has already sold interactive displays in over 40 countries around the world and recently launched its third generation MultiTaction product line.

“The display array, made of stackable MultiTaction Cells, recognizes unlimited touch points which means we can accommodate a very large number of users. The Bubblescreen application using Kinect was developed by EIT ICT Labs with MultiTouch Cornerstone SDK. It is a fantastic example of how by merging technologies we can create new, innovative ways for human-computer interaction,” said Hannu Anttila, VP Sales of MultiTouch Ltd.

The installation can be found at EIT ICT Labs stand in Hall 26, Stand F50 at CeBIT from 6 to 10 March 2012.

About CEBIT Installation

The Bubblescreen installation utilizes 8 MultiTaction Cell 55” Full HD LCD displays and 4 Microsoft Kinect motion sensing cameras to make an impressive five meter wide display with more than 15 million pixels. It is based on the Kupla user interface developed by Helsinki Institute for Information Technology HIIT at Aalto University. Overall there are 260 cameras used to track gestures in this installation. The application was created with C++/OpenGL using MultiTouch Cornerstone SDK. Additionally, the installation has four audio channels for different sections of the wall equipped with Panphonics directional speakers.

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