EIT ICT Labs' Idea Challenge Smart Spaces Final - interviews with the winners

Winners Idea Challenge Smart Spaces

The Idea Challenge, category Smart Spaces, finals took place in Helsinki in the heart of entrepreneurship and innovation Otaniemi Aalto University Campus on June 3rd.

Idea Challenge contest helps early stage startups to take off the flight towards realising their ideas. It was a very difficult choice for the jury to select only 3 winners from 10 because of the different and outstanding ideas.

Yet, after long deliberation the jury made the decision and the 3rd prize of 15000€ went to Avansera from Finland, 2nd prize of 25000€ went to Qgo from Austria and the 1st prize of 40000€ went to Homey from the Netherlands.

Shortly about the winners:

  • Avansera provides advanced real-time consumer behavioral and product performance analytics in retail environments across all chains and geographical locations. Avansera’s retail solution allows you save 30% on your groceries price.
  • Qgo is taking care of you spending less time in line. Their first solution was piloted in a ski resort in Austria and helped the skiers to avoid long elevator queues.
  • Homey is creating the most complete home automation device by combining a smartphone app for remote control with voice recognition and analysis for in-house interaction. This allows significantly reducing the time and steps needed to control devices.