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EIT ICT Labs Master school: promoting entrepreneurial spirit

Applications for the new EIT ICT Labs Master School are now open.

EIT ICT Labs aims to turn Europe into a global leader in ICT innovation, which becomes one of the society’s key enablers enhancing our quality of life. EIT ICT Labs will breed entrepreneurial ICT top talent via the transformation of higher education to promote creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. In order to prepare students to face the challenges of their future careers, coherent master’s programmes and structured Ph.D. trajectories have been developed with a strong focus on the acquisition of transferable skills, especially in innovation and entrepreneurship.

The ambition of the EIT ICT Labs Master School

The EIT ICT Labs Master School is being developed to become a European flagship for advanced education, aiming to eventually produce around 500 graduates per year. By catalysing and renewing ICT educational programmes that are currently available at EIT ICT Labs partner universities, the Master School will combine a cutting edge technical ICT education whilst invoking an innovative and entrepreneurial mindset. It will equip students with skills for creativity, risk-taking and entrepreneurship.

An innovative concept for ICT innovation

The establishment of the EIT ICT Labs Master School is the largest joint European initiative on the education front. It is developed as a unique and new education programme that combines existing programmes in ICT education from leading universities and business schools with additional mentoring and partnering from research and industry.

Unique features of the EIT ICT Labs Master School

The EIT ICT Labs Master School will combine cross-node cutting edge technical and entrepreneurial education with strong industry collaboration. The Innovation and Entrepreneurship minor is one of the unique features of the new Master School. The students will be equipped with a creative, risk-taking and entrepreneurial mindset and they will learn how to set up their own business. EIT ICT Labs also works closely with existing organisations that support startups. For instance at Aalto University in Finland the students and post-graduates run the privately funded community initiative Aalto Entrepreneurship Society, Aaltoes. They help students and researchers create world-changing startups from Finland and Northern Europe.

The EIT ICT Labs Master School: the structure

The Master School will have a uniform structure:

  • a set of technical majors that include a common technical competence base and a specialisation/ thesis part that has a focus on one of EIT ICT Labs’ Thematic Action Lines (90 ECTS)
  • a fully standardized minor in Innovation and Entrepreneurship (30 ECTS)

The Master School integrates the European scope into the academic curriculum by adding cross-node mobility as a core ingredient. Students will spend their second year at a different university in another country. The education programme also includes internships at EIT ICT Labs partnering companies and provides management mentoring programmes from the beginning onwards. This allows close networking and hands-on activities that provide guided paths into innovative careers. The Co-location Centres (CLCs) act as meeting places for the students, researchers and industry partners and provide space for lectures and seminars.

With the track finder, students can see all possible combinations of universities and specialisations based on the technical major/university entry point of their choice.

Unique features of the school

  • First rate technical education at top technical universities with a standardised business minor
  • Strong industrial presence with guaranteed high standard industrial internships in our partner companies
  • Flexible combination of organizational and geographical mobility
  • Generating enterpreneurial students with a broad European perspective

The students can choose among seven technical majors:

Digital Media Technology

Distributed Systems and Services

Security and Privacy

Human Computer Interaction Design

Embedded Systems

Internet Technology & Architecture

Service Design and Engineering

EIT ICT Labs Master School applications are open and ongoing until 15/02/2012. Students can visit the Master School website to discover all the programmes and great tools to help them find the right choice of track.