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EIT ICT Labs Master School students in the Netherlands: a big hit!

EIT ICT Labs Eindhoven was happy to Meet & Greet with the new cohort of Master School students in the Co-location Centre at the High Tech Campus, on August 29. These students follow the Master School programme at one of the 3 technical universities in Delft, Eindhoven and Twente. This year 33 first year and 27 second year EIT ICT Labs Master School students who will study and live in the Netherlands, were welcomed.

The Meet & Greet is meant to bring together the Master School students studying in the Netherlands at the start of the academic year. It is important to introduce them to EIT ICT Labs Eindhoven: the partners, action lines, the business accelerators and startups. Next to this it is valued that the Master School students get to know each other and shake hands with representatives of the Dutch partner universities. So to say: a good starting point to get more knowledge of the EIT ICT Labs community and a warm beginning of networking.

Later in October this year there will be a European EIT ICT Labs joint kickoff for the first year students. This year it will take place in Budapest, organised by the team at the EIT ICT Labs Associated Partner Group. During a couple of days, all the first years have the chance to meet up with each other and work in projects on business cases. A substantial part for the kickoff programme is a thorough introductory training on Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

The second years however, have to focus on their internships and thesis as this is their exit year. This means that companies that are interested in having an entrepreneurial EIT ICT Labs Master School student on the working floor as an intern are welcome with a request. If you are interested please contact Erwin van Eijden, the Co-location Centre manager of Eindhoven.

The Co-location Centre Eindhoven will continue the networking with the students at regularly pizza meetings where a diversity of topics can pass the floor. As a second year student Jean-Baptiste Doyon stated in his presentation during the Meet & Greet: “Don’t forget you are now in the EIT ICT Labs Master School. Everything is possible.”

The programmes that the Dutch technical universities offer are Digital Media Technology, Embedded Systems, Human Computer Interaction and Design, Security and Privacy and Service Design and Engineering. Effective the academic year 2016, the Master School will offer also a new programme on ‘big data’. More news on the new programme on ‘big data’ will follow shortly.

For now we may state that the first 'greet' with the students was a pleasant and inspiring 'meet': a big hit!