EIT ICT Labs: smart e-bike innovation presented at MWC 2013

EIT ICT Labs joined MWC this year to present results from their research and business development activities.

Users, developers, buyers, researchers, and other players in the mobile field were invited to visit their stand 6A35 and discuss the innovations presented.

One of the demonstrations was eVelofin, an innovative e-bicycle fleet management solution that integrates ICT components from bicycle modules through the smart phone to a backend platform in the cloud. The bicycles are provided with a system covering patent-pending technologies for basic fleet management (security and authentication), advanced fleet management (surveillance and maintenance), active safety, and added-value applications.

Battery-powered e-bicycles or pedelecs are increasingly popular and they allow higher speeds than regular bikes.

“Bicyclists are vulnerable road users, and now more bicyclists are facing the danger zones of urban cycling,” said Dr. Christian Müller, leader of the Intelligent Mobility and Transportation Systems action line at EIT ICT Labs and senior researcher at DFKI.

“The active safety functions implemented in eVelofin prevent accidents that might occur for instance when a door of a parked car is opened when a bicycle is passing by. Active safety is one of several focus topics of the action line.”

The system also includes added value applications such as tourist guides and assistants for health and fitness. These apps run on a framework for Android smart phones, supporting flexible extensions and third party applications. The backend platform supports service provisioning, fleet surveillance and maintenance.

The specific role of EIT ICT Labs in the innovation was to mobilise and integrate the various technical and business skills required to transform an excellent research prototype to a marketable product. “eVelofin is a brilliant low-threshold and sustainable product for a healthy everyday life for everyone,” underlined Willem Jonker, CEO of EIT ICT Labs. “We are proud to co-deliver this added-value innovation by teaming up with Schlaues Bike and the DFKI spinoff company white_c.”

Several demonstration videos are available on the EIT ICT Labs Youtube page.