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EIT InnoEnergy: AI identifies skill gaps in CVs

EIT InnoEnergy: AI identifies skill gaps in CVs

Are you a professional working in the sustainable energy sector and aspiring to land your dream job?

Then you can now re-skill or up-skill yourself with SkillCharge, the intelligent, AI-based skills assistant developed by EIT InnoEnergy that will guide you through the energy skills landscape and find meaningful courses that will increase your skills.

How does it work?

On 8 July 2020, EIT InnoEnergy launched a free tool for professionals looking to reskill or upskill themselves in the renewable and sustainable energy sector. You upload your CV or résumé into the AI-driven tool (SkillCharge), which analyses your CV; distilling your current skills, pinpointing the skills you are currently lacking and then guiding you to available courses that will help you address your current skill gap.

SkillCharge also weighs your profile up against other, similar profiles to identify the skills you may need to increase your professional position, and it will triangulate the emerging skills within the energy sector to provide you a list of useful courses with which to reskill yourself and land your dream job.

In doing so, SkillCharge helps you stay on top of your game, offering you a clear view of your own skills (and skill gaps) as well as the emerging industry skills (visualized by a lightning arrow). The tool will also provide you with an extensive list of courses (MOOCs, coaching sessions, master courses, modules) based on the skills you may wish to gain or improve.

Land your next job

The SkillCharge tool can be a companion on your road to land a new job, as it will also provide a list of potential vacancies that are in line with your existing skills (as well as the jobs you could consider applying for once you have refreshed or improved your skills).

In short, SkillCharge should be used as your skills compass to explore and secure new sustainable energy jobs and come out with a stronger professional profile than ever before. The tool has just been launched in its beta version, so this is the time to try out the tool, engage in some of the courses, and turn your summer into a professional launch pad. The only thing you’ll need is a pdf of your updated CV or résumé.

Discover your strengths, identify your skill gaps, browse relevant courses, learn, and land your next job in sustainable energy with EIT InnoEnergy’s SkillCharge.